Soul Mate Manifestation Love Spell That Truly Works

Soul Mate Manifestation Love Spell That Truly Works

Looking for spells that deliver prosperity and positive energy to avail money? There are no guarantees in life! Love spells will work if the environment is conducive to its success. If you just created a Love spell to bring you a Greek God, it may not work unless you know a Greek God. And the chances that your spell will work will certainly increase if you live in Greece.

So we have to define our spells in such a way that all we need is a gentle nudge to the Cosmos to get the results we desire. No, I am not ruling out the possibility that a spell that I used earlier to attract a Greek God will NEVER work. In fact, I am still waiting for him to show up at my doorstep!

All spells work when the surrounding energies are so close to the result, that all we have to do is push it forth with our own energies. Depending on the mental strength of the person performing the spell or ritual, the energies may be manipulated in deeper and more powerful ways. Anyone can work on strengthening their minds to become more powerful witches. Anyone can nourish and boost their Magical powers and create an environment where the energies pushed forth are powerful enough to make huge changes to “reality”.

To make spells successful, many things should be considered:

1. The space where the ritual is conducted – This space has to be cleansed of all negative vibrations and purified with incense or tobacco smoke (smoke is considered a purifier). The atmosphere can also be purified by cleansing spells. Purify yourself with a ritual bath with water mixed with special herbs and oils.

2. Items used in the ritual – All items should be cleaned and cleansed according to the rites. Some crystals are cleansed by sun light and some by moon light. Others need salt or water to be cleansed. All objects that were used in previous rituals have to be cleansed of all negative vibrations.

3. The involvement of all the senses – The deity figurines and Candles, the flame of which holds the attention of our eyes, incense and anointing oils to heighten our sense of smell. For taste, we may have a chalet of water or wine. Also, touching the figurines, anointing with oils, writing on paper, etc involve our sense of touch. As all our senses get heightened, our concentration increases and we are able to think more deeply.

4. Meditation – As we get more attuned to our senses, we are able to sense a change in the surrounding vibrations that will enable us to deepen our desire and sharpen our meditation on the ultimate goal. Our concentration may also be focused by reading spiritually uplifting material and meditating on it.

5. The most important ingredient in the ritual is our INTENTION. The stronger the intention, the faster we will see our goals accomplished. Nothing can replace the power or intention. And there is no way we can measure it. What usually makes the difference to a spell working is the intention behind it that will bring it to fruition. Take the time to think of the goal and write it down with conviction.

Intention is a very potent form of energy. If we have doubts about the goal of a ritual or spell, the intention is weakened. Our thoughts can instantly increase or decrease our intention.