Powerful Love Spells Cast Using The Potato

Powerful Love Spells Cast Using The Potato

The idea of love spells is as old as time itself. For as long as there have been men and women there has been one party that has wanted the other to love them enough that they would do a spell to make it happen.

It can be hard to move past the hurt and the pain caused by friends or family members, or even complete strangers and it is normal to think about revenge or binding them to you as a love slave. If you have thought about casting love binding spells , you wouldn’t be the first. If you are new to magic and thinking of casting them, you may want to slow down and be sure that things are done right.

White magic love spells, or any type of magic spell, for that matter should only be done by those who are practiced in spell casting. There are many new or short cut methods that are published and shared that make casting spells of love much easier, but this is not the proper way to cast such a spell.

You should also know that any magic spells, whether they are revenge spells or love binding spells, need to be done by a spell caster that is well versed in the ancient magic rituals. These are not the short cut methods that are often found in books, but often something that is handed down from generation to generation. In other words, if you checked out a book from the local library it is probably not the best way to cast any magic spell, let alone a love binding spell.

Magic is all around us and can be used to make life and love better, but it has to be done in the proper way. The ancient rituals are preferred because they are tried and true and have shown over time to be successful. The new rituals are not as tested and therefore, less predictable. It’s always better to stick with what works, and the ancient white magic love spells rituals that work.

Trace a circle around the altar with a wand or finger. With the knife, carve what you desire into the candle in the cauldron then anoint with oil. Charge the candle with the desires from your hands. Light it and speak these words:

The candle of power, the candle of sight
Make clear my desires to me on this night.
Energy streams from the candle fire
Deliver to me my heart’s true desire.
These words are strong,
The victory is done.
So I state, this spell is won.

Then call on the water elements by saying:

Residents of water, bringers of light,
Help guide the spell I make tonight.
Decreed by the (insert love deity of choice),
Felt deep in my heart,
Unite us together, stronger than apart.

Blessings I extend to those who aid,
Between we friends such a promise made.

Extinguish the two light pink candles around the altar but allow the dark pink candle and the one in the cauldron to burn out on their own. Once they are out, clean up your altar, leaving behind the herbs spread out for the nature spirits.