Powerful and Effective Bottle Love Spell

Powerful and Effective Bottle Love Spell

Casting a magic spell is a complex task, with many results and repercussions that you may not expect, so you have to study the elements well before even attempting it. The basic principles are easy enough to understand by themselves, but these are complexly intertwined with one another.

That is why even if you do get what you want from the spell you have cast, it may come with “extras” that you are not prepared to deal with.

– One should not forget that when it comes to witchcraft, the moon has a big influence on it, and it is of utmost importance to bear this in mind at all times. One should not forget to time the spell that he or she wishes to do.

* Define your intentions

After you know what magic really is, state what you really want and what results do you expect. This is done before the spell is cast.

Spell Components

Get everything you need ready for the spell that you have in mind, and “consecrate” everything before you begin. There are many outside influences that can affect your spells that you can get rid of in this manner.

Write down the spell, along with what you intend to be the result, and be as clear as possible on this aspect. Make a chant because it will increase the power of your words and on the more practical side, it will be easier for you to remember. You have to consider all the possible outcome of the spell that you have written because such a spell will come back to you, always.

* Consider proper timing

There are times that you have to consider to cast an effective spell, especially the timing of the moon.

* Moon

As already mentioned, the moon is an important factor in casting some spell. Full moon is the most powerful state of the moon while the new moon is the next powerful or desired state. The waxing moon is ideal for gaining or increasing something and the waning moon is good for decreasing things or sending something away.

* Working out with the appropriate season

Aside from the moon, you also need to consider the season. There is always time for new things, maturing season, time to gain, and for rest and relaxation.

* The threefold law

The threefold law states that anything you give will go back to you three times more. So before casting the spell, consider if it is good or bad results that you want to return to you.

– By being able to meditate, you would be able to relax and allow the energy that you need to freely flow through every part of your body and your mind should also be free of any kind of tension or in short, you should not be thinking about anything else except what you are about to do.

You should also know that any magic spells, whether they are revenge spells or love binding spells, need to be done by a spell caster that is well versed in the ancient magic rituals. These are not the short cut methods that are often found in books, but often something that is handed down from generation to generation. In other words, if you checked out a book from the local library it is probably not the best way to cast any magic spell, let alone a love binding spell.

Magic is all around us and can be used to make life and love better, but it has to be done in the proper way. The ancient rituals are preferred because they are tried and true and have shown over time to be successful. The new rituals are not as tested and therefore, less predictable. It’s always better to stick with what works, and the ancient white magic love spells rituals that work.