Best Spell To Improve Your Business Operation

Best Spell To Improve Your Business Operation

Do you have a business? How is it performing? Do you feel like things aren’t going as expected? I mean, you feel like your competitors are having a blast making profits time and again. But you are just there, making nada! You keep asking yourself this: Am I doing this wrong? Well, you are doing nothing wrong. But then again, you aren’t doing things right. You need the best spell to improve your business operation. You need that “thing” to get you going.

If you are looking to boost your business, you are at the right place. All you need is to cast this powerful spell, which is not only going to work for your business, but it is also going to guarantee that you attract more customers/clients. With this spell, you’ll be able to come up with some of the best innovative ideas for your business. This way, you’ll overtake your business rivals and be on the top.

Many folks have tried this business spell and the results have been nothing but positive. Most businesses have been successful because of this simple spell. You shouldn’t be left behind. Join the bandwagon and let this spell help you achieve your goals and make those dreams come true.


The Spell Itself

You will need the following:

� One dark green candle (represents money)

� One golden candle (represents business)

� Orange oil

� Patchouli oil

The next step is to smear the oils on both candles. Start by smearing the orange oil from the middle part of the candle and spread the oil towards the upper edge of the candle. Then spread the Patchouli oil from the middle part of the candle towards the bottom edge. Do this for both candles. Make sure that you use your fingers in smearing the oils. Don’t use any tool or anything else in spreading the oil. This is important since the use of your fingers gives a more “personal” touch to it, which then brings the spell closer to you.

Now, sit down silently and place the green candle to your left and the golden candle to your right. Start by lighting the green candle and then light up the golden candle. While lighting up the candles, think of a wish and strongly pray that you get as many customers as possible. Strongly think of something that can help you become successful in terms of your business. For instance, try thinking of any idea that can be of help. However, if nothing comes up, don’t force it. Instead, just concentrate on making wishes.

Create And Believe In A Successful Business

During the spell exercise, close your eyes and completely focus on your business. Create a visual imagination of your business. In the process, imagine people flocking your business with lots of cash as they make purchases. Continue wishing they stay as they come back over and over again. Keep “calling” customers from wherever they are. Remember that all this time, you are silently seated and that there is no distraction.

It is recommendable that you do this at night, probably just before you go to bed. Or you can do this very early in the morning right after coming from bed. Make sure it is the first thing you do after waking up or the very last thing before taking a slumber.

It is worth noting that every entrepreneur needs a business spell and the belief that he/she can be successful. Without the spell and the faith in your business, then things won’t look so great. With this spell, you’ll feel more fulfilled in life and your business will be well-balanced. If religiously followed, this is the best spell to improve your business operation.