Best Love Spell To Return Passion That Work

The Most Effective Love Spells to Return Passion into your Relationship

Love is really a fickle thing, and more so in today’s fast-paced culture where everything comes and goes almost without notice. You may one day be struck by an irresistible passion and desire for your partner. Then, before you realize it, the fire has died out and the passion is gone.

For some, this forgotten passion creates a hunger that can only be fulfilled by reigniting the love that was lost. It is not an easy thing to do. People may turn to counselling so that they can learn practices that could reignite their desires. Some couples may even consent to having open relationships, or knowingly engaging in affairs, just to remedy the staleness in their love life.

There are also others who turn into the realm of magic to look for a solution to their failing commitments. It may rely on the mysterious forces of this world, but we must remember that love is also a mystery. If you have experience with magic, or have a strong belief in its powers, or perhaps you have tried every trick in the book without any results, this is the best love spell to return passion that work.

The White and Red Love Spell Combination

This is a combination of similar white and red love spells, whose effects are greater than its individual counterparts.

This works best for a previous partner with whom you have already had a relationship before. This serves to arouse more desire in your partner, to match the desire that you can feel in yourself in the present.

Things that you will need are as follows:

  • 2 Red candles
  • Wooden matches
  • Toothpick
  • Parchment paper
  • Pencil

How to Cast the Spell

Inscribe each of the red candles with your name and your partner’s. And then, light the candle with your name using the wooden match. Light your partner’s candle next.

For the next 30 minutes, meditate and focus on your partner, and visualize the love, passion and desire that you want him to have for you. Think of his name, and chant the following:

“I call with the intent to do no harm, enamour him with my charm.” This is directed to Venus, the goddess of love.

After 30 minutes, draw 3 hearts on the parchment using the paper. Then, pick up the candle with your name and drop waxes inside the hearts while visualizing the emotions that you are feeling for your partner. When you are done, blow off the candle.

After that, use your partner’s candle to drop waxes on the same hearts, while visualizing the emotions that you want him to feel for you. Blow off the candle when you finish. Repeat it for 7 days using the same paper but draw new sets of hearts for each day. But on the 7th day, instead of blowing out the candles, just let them burn out.

You should notice an increased interest from your partner almost immediately, if the goddess of love deems your relationship to be right and harmonious. If he doesn’t return your desire, it means there is someone better coming to you in the future.

By combining two potent Wicca magics, this is the best love spell to return passion that work.