Best Love Spell To Attract Your Crush Using Candles

Best Love Spell To Attract Your Crush Using Candles

Love is a divine thing. You can’t control it and you don’t know when you will fall in love. It doesn’t follow any rules. But sometimes love can become one-sided that means one person loves another person but that another person doesn’t love that person. In this case, what you can do? You can get very disappointed because nothing is going in your way. But don’t worry you can take the help of love spell through Astrology.

Love Spell Astrology is one of the oldest methods for mankind to get the attraction of your lover. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman searching for your lover’s attraction, it can be solved with love spell. If you want your loved one back in your life and want to resolve all the love-related problems Love Spells is the best and the easiest way. But best love spells to attract your crush is by using candles. You can find a lot of methods which can be done through candles. Now I am going describe how that method can be completed.


Best Love Spell To Attract Your Crush Using Candles:

The main purpose of this spell is to attract your lover so make sure that you perform this ritual with a positive attitude, an open heart and a pure intent. You have to make yourself a symbol of a perfect channel for your loving energy. so now let’s go through the process
Arrangements you need:
Well for this spell you have to arrange an orange candle. a red candle, a blue candle. You will also need a tbsp. of marjoram, rosemary, thyme. It is said that those herbs have the power to attract your lover. After arranging all of them your next step is to inscribe the following on each candle. Red candle love, orange candle confidence, blue candle communication. You can ask why you need to inscribe them? And the answer is- you got to inscribe various words on every candle to assist you to summon what you actually require to attract your lover. We all should believe that we are love worthy and there is a person in the world who is meant to love me whoever I am. The most important part is Communication because you are going to communicate with other realms that are in the white light and will help you with your spell. Now let’s come to the steps we need to follow.

Firstly, blend the herbs all together and put them in a mesh bag.
Put that bag beside the candles.

Now light the candles on a Friday full moon night. because this is the time to create magic love spells.

Now look at the flames of the candles and chant the following: “Venus Goddess of Love help me to attract a lover to me, that will love me for me and has all the qualities I so seek”

Keep sitting in that space with the burning candles, gazing at the flames and now silently or aloud cite the qualities that you seek. Let the flames of the candles burn out completely. You can put this bag of herbs under your pillow as well. It will help you to see dreams of your lover.