3 Love Spells That Really Work

3 Love Spells That Really Work

Love spells are the most proliferous among magical rituals. There are love spells to attract another, bind a lover, make them faithful and devoted, to have children from the relationship, destroy their other relationships, keep lovers from straying, etc. The number of love spells increase everyday.

As the cultures of the world change, the variations of Love spells get more and more versatile as they adapt to the changes in the world.

Friday is the day designate for love magic. If it coincides with a new Moon, it is considered even better! Friday is named in honour of the deity Freya, lady of Love. Friday is also linked with Aphrodite and Oshun, two spirits of Love.

Candles may be used in Love magic. The colors usually include pink, red, orange and yellow. The numbers five (Oshun), Six (Aphrodite) and Eight (Ishtar) are used for Love rituals to enhance the results.

To intensify the effects of your Love spells, wash your hands in rose water before you do the spell.

Candle Love Spell

Get a heart shaped candle in red or pink colour. Carve your lover's name on the candle. If the name is too long, carve just the initials while thinking of your lover. Dress the candle with a love drawing oil (essential oil of lavender mixed with essential oil of jasmine mixed in with rose attar). Burn it. Chant:

As this candle burns, so your heart burns with love for me

As this wax melts, so your heart melts with love for me

When this spell is complete, your heart belongs to me!

Hummingbird Charm

Get a hummingbird charm. It can be made of any natural material including metals, gemstones or natural quartz stone. Hummingbirds are very important when it comes to cherishing the sweetness of love.

Get other lucky charms such as turquoise beads, amber beads and silver beads. Find some red silk thread or yarn to make a bracelet or necklace. Knot your intentions into a cord as you string the beads one by one.

After the bracelet is complete, dip the hummingbird charm in "Come to me Lover" oil. This is a mixture of jasmine absolute, rose attar, essential oil of petitgrain, gardenia absolute and tuberose absolute.

Wear it as a charm to attract your lover. Periodically, anoint the charm with "Come to me Lover" oil.

Paper Ashes Ritual

Get a piece of paper and write down the intended one's name. Write your goal in another piece of paper. Cover the other person's name with the paper in which you wrote your goal or your own name. Visualize the other person as being attracted to you, in love with you and being "yours" alone.

Place both pieces of paper in a fire proof pan. Add some orange blossoms or orange leaves or orange zest. Burn everything together safely. Collect the ashes and put them in a small box or perfume bottle.

Seal the bottle or box shut with melted wax. Or use silk threads to close the box tightly.

If you find that you wish to end this relationship at any time in the future, break the seal and scatter the contents into the winds.